A sample of the Indian food at Exmouth Market


London has its fair share of street markets, and Exmouth is certainly not one of the biggest, but if you’re looking for somewhere slightly different to get your lunch in the Islington area it certainly fits the bill.

You have the choice of several nice cafes and restaurants (and a couple of pubs), but the street stalls are your best bet – you can find a range of different types of food on them.

Their strongest feature is that they are good value for money; for just £5 or so you can get a very reasonable portion, which will fill up those who are hungry and probably act as the main meal of the day for those with smaller stomachs.

There aren’t many places to sit and eat your food, but if you want to avoid a chain or a supermarket, it’s worth a look.

What is it?

A street market with ten to fifteen food stalls. You’ll find Indian food, French dishes, fajitas and a few other things available, and there are also a series of nice cafes, restaurants and arts and crafts type shops around.

A couple of the restaurants are pizzerias, so a good place to go if you fancy something simple but tasty.

How long will it take?

It’s really just a place to get lunch, but you’ll want time to survey all the stalls and take in the smells before deciding. So excluding travel time you’ll want about 20 minutes.



Islington, EC1R 4QL

Nearest stations: Angel, Barbican, Farringdon

Price Guide/Value for Money

Street stalls offer very good portions for £5-6, and are good value for money


If you like Indian food, the Cinnamon Tree offers a very good range. Away from the market stalls, Pizza Pilgrims is certainly worth a try, and its quick service makes it a viable lunchbreak option