Work up an appetite with a lunchtime run along the Thames Path in Barnes

What is it? Get fit during your lunch hour

Want a cheap and rewarding way of spending your lunchbreak? What better way to do that than by going for a jog to really feel like you’ve earned your midday meal!

thames 2
Barnes Bridge

Where? Thames Path, South-West London

A run along the stretch of the Thames Path in South-West London near Barnes is the ideal way to combine keeping fit, saving money and taking in some of London’s finest views.

The trail goes on for miles on both sides of the river, though the route along the South side between Hammersmith and Kew Bridges is a particularly scenic one.

thames 3

You can admire the many rowers – and even race them, if you’re feeling fresh – who populate this section of the river, as well as some of the wildlife who call the river their home.

How long will it take?

Go for as long or as short a workout as you can manage, and keep yourself motivated by trying to go that little bit further along the capital’s waterway every time.

With summer already teasing us with some glorious Spring days, it’s crucial to take every chance there is to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. And not to mention the chance to get in shape for the beach-body ready look.

thames 1
If you prefer the evening light, think about going out for a run after work instead

How much will it cost?

That’s the best bit – you can do it for absolutely free! Though you might want to head to a local pub after work if the sun is still out to enjoy a well-earned drink – but be warned that those with the prime views of the River will charge you for the pleasure!

thames 4


And finally…

Don’t forget, if you’re recovering from an injury or vigorous workout, or just feeling lazy, you can simply stroll along the Path instead. You won’t cover as much ground, but you’ll still be lapping everyone sat in the office and making use of the most pleasant outdoor opportunities the capital has to offer.



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