Go Snooker Loopy in your Lunchbreak!

What is it?

It’s one of the nation’s favourite games, and with several snooker halls scattered around central London, it’s an active – if frustrating – way to spend your lunchbreak.

Whether you’re looking for a solo practice session or really want to prove to your friend at work that you’re the better sportsperson, it’s a great way to spend your precious lunch hour.


Where can you play?

There are two main chains of snooker hall available in London. There are the Hurricane Rooms, with branches in King’s Cross, Acton, Colindale and Tooting. For lunchbreaks though, King’s Cross will inevitably the most accessible location for most London workers.

There’s also a Riley’s in Victoria, and another in the West End on Haymarket – although this one only has pool tables and not snooker.

hurricane room

How long will it take?

Well…that depends entirely on how good you and your companion are! You’ll be playing against the clock to start with if you’re new to the game, but challenge yourself to finish a frame in your allotted lunch hour – and then try to aim for two!

There will be days when you play like a young Jimmy White, and days when you play like an old Jimmy White – but that’s all part of the beauty of the game. It will thrill you and frustrate you in equal measure.

While a snooker hall is not the ideal place to find yourself on a sunny day, with grey skies and showers still regularly lurking as we move into April, a game of snooker is a great way to do something active while avoiding the threat of the elements.

snooker 2

How much will it cost?

Hurricane Rooms charge guests a £3 entry fee, and then £11 for a snooker table for an hour – though it will give you money back if you don’t need the whole hour (well played!).

Between two or three of you, this should work out as a pretty reasonable way of spending your precious lunchtime. Riley’s is slightly cheaper, but will still work out as between £5-10 per person.

Both chains offer tempting membership options and perks too, including student rates.

And finally…

For those not brave or patient enough for snooker, these venues offer other alternatives too.

Play a game of pool – English or American – in either Riley’s or Hurricane Room (tables are slightly cheaper too); and why not have a game of darts afterwards as well.

A real working man’s club lunchbreak for London’s working men and women.


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