Enjoy Fairtrade coffee in St Paul’s at Giddy Up Coffee


If you have had enough of the regular chain coffee brands in the City of London, and want to try something a little different in your next lunchbreak, look no further than Giddy Up Coffee.


This week we visited the branch at Giant, near St. Paul’s, where barista Lee* prepared for us one of Giddy Up Coffee’s artisan Flat Whites.

Not only did it taste delicious, but Giddy Up Coffee pledges to using only Fairtrade coffee products from UK suppliers, which include: Hasbean, Extract Coffee and Squaremile.

For those who are not coffee drinkers, the brand sells a large range of hot and cold drinks, including their specialist Hot Chocolate made from super premium chocolate from the Kokoa Collection.

And if you are feeling peckish, we can recommend the banana and Nutella muffins, freshly baked in store daily.


The drinks are extremely affordable, ranging between £2.20 for an Espresso to £4 for an Iced Coffee.

A cup of tea is £2, whilst Hot Chocolate is £3.


Based in four locations around London, there are three based in the City whilst the fourth is based in Hackney Wick.

Giant, City of London, EC1A

Angel, Islington Memorial Green, N1

Fortune Park, Islington, EC1

Vinyl Pimp, Hackney Wick, E9

* You can watch our Facebook Live interview on our Facebook Page at ‘London Lunchbreaks’


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