An easy workout to get your health kick started

If you want to start using your lunchbreak to go to the gym and get fit, but don’t know where to start, try this simple workout from London Lunchbreaks.

It’s a very simple workout which should take you about 40 minutes.

Warm-up: Do a few gentle stretches to get your body warmed up

Rowing: Use a rowing machine, on a reasonably high resistance, and row for 10 minutes. Pace yourself, ‘sprint’ for the final 30-60 seconds and record how many metres you do. Each time you row try and beat your personal best.

(the following weights require the gym’s machines – for each pick a weight that you can do but that is not too easy, and steadily increase the weight you do on each over time)

Chest Press 2x 15 REPS

Seated Row 2x 15 REPS

Pec Fly 2x 15 REPS


pec fly
Pec Fly


Leg Extension 2x 15 REPS

Leg Press 2x 20 REPS


Leg Press


Lat Pulldown 2x 15 REPS

Lat Pull 2x 15 REPS


Lat Pull


Cool down: Row for two minutes, but do not worry about the distance – you should focus on stretching your muscles and winding your body down so that you don’t ache the next day!


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