Free things to do around London (feat. Museum of London)

In the first of the London Lunchbreaks ‘Culture Vulture’ blogs, the first stop is the Museum of London.

This museum celebrates the city of London itself, where one can observe and learn about the history of London and its people.


Alongside learning about the history of London generally, the Museum of London also puts on a range of exhibitions for the public.

The most popular one right now, and one to recommend, is the ‘Fire, Fire’ exhibition. This commemorates the events of The Great Fire of London in September 1666, for which the 350th Anniversary was celebrated last year.

The exhibition runs until 17th April 2017, so make sure to visit before the end of the Easter Holidays.

Other exhibitions this year include: the mysterious ‘London Stone’, and ‘Perspectives of Destruction: Images of London, 1940-44’ art produced during the 1940 Blitz in London.


The Museum has free entry for all ages.


The Museum of London has two separate locations with different exhibitions.

The Museum of London itself is located in Barbican, within easy walking distance of City of London:
Museum of London, 150 London Wall, EC2Y 5HN

The Museum of London Docklands is located in West India Quay, best for those who work in East London:
Museum of London Docklands, No.1 Warehouse, West India Quay, London E14 4AL


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