FREE LONDON: Reclaim your lunch break in Greenwich Park


London Culture Vulture series returns with a trip to Greenwich Park.

After all, there is no better way to reclaim your lunch break in London than to escape the office and enjoy lunch in the fresh air.


Greenwich Park is arguably one of London’s most beautiful parks, with a view over the London Skyline and River Thames, including the Old Royal Navy College and Canary Wharf.

It covers an area of 74 hectacres (180 acres).

Due to its location, it is also part of the Greenwich World Heritage Site, home to the Greenwich Observatory and origins of Greenwich Mean Time.

For the best views, find one of the benches near the top of the park – a perfect setting to enjoy one’s lunch or coffee.


The park is open all year round and entry is free.


Located in Greenwich, this is an ideal area for those working in Canary Wharf or Isle of Dogs.

Nearest tube station is Cutty Sark on DLR.

Otherwise, there are alternate routes by riverboat from the City of London (though this is best for a weekend visit).


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