It’s never too late for a breakfast sarnie

What is it? The Crust Co. is a sandwich bar and on-the-go cafe in Balham, South London.

There are obviously hundreds of places in London to get sandwiches, and we often find ourselves playing it safe and going with chains or supermarkets. When you’re in Balham or Clapham it’s easy to do that, but definitely give The Crust Co. a try. It does a great variety of sandwiches at reasonable prices, and they’re willing to accommodate requests or tweaks to the menu. The service is very friendly and you can get a tasty cake to accompany your sandwich as well. Plus, it’s no more than two minutes from Balham station, which has good underground and National Rail links, so if you fancy heading somewhere a bit more residential for your lunchbreak this is definitely worth a try.

crust co

How long will it take? It’s designed for you to pick up sandwiches, coffees and cakes on-the-go, and service is reasonable, so it should only take you five to ten minutes. There are some benches and outdoor seating available if you want to stay longer, but seating is limited.

Location: SW12 9HA

Nearest station(s): Balham

Price Guide/Value for Money: Good value for money – sandwiches in the £3.50-£5 region, with cakes around £2.50-£3. Coffees at average price. It’s all very tasty though so good value for money.

Tips: The Crust Co. does a really good variety of sandwiches, but their sausage and bacon sandwich always hits the spot. It’s tasty without being greasy, so it’s something you can have for lunch without it feeling out of place.


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