Business Lunches in Victoria

What is it? An Italian restaurant in Victoria

Sicily is an ideal place for a business lunch with colleagues or potential clients (it accepts American Express), but it could also work if you were looking to catch up with friends or take someone out for lunch. The food is very tasty and the service professional. The interior decoration helps make it a nice place to eat, with tables on a second floor which overlooks the entrance and bar. It is charmingly decorated with quotes on the walls and has an authentic ‘Italian’ feel (or at least what is now portrayed as ‘Italian’ – real Italian folk may disagree). Overall, it’s a good bet if you want a bigger meal at lunchtime.


How long will it take? It obviously depends on how much you want to eat, but the service is reasonable – not rapid but certainly not slow. You could certainly do two courses in one hour

Location: SW1W 9RB

Nearest stations: Victoria

Price Guide/Value for Money: Just above average prices – pizzas at around £11 and meat and fish dishes between £15 and £18. They offer a lunch menu between noon and 6pm with two courses for £13.50 or three courses for £16.50. All in all, reasonable value for money

Tips: If you’re happy to steer away from pizzas and pasta, the pork belly with peas, pancetta and potatoes is excellent, as is the cheesecake for desert. If you’re in a group, the sharing plates are a good bet for starters. The cheapest of the white wines – the Inycon Bianco – is very drinkable.


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